Dog Runs

All of our Dog Runs are fabricated from 25mm x 25mm hollow square section and 50mm x 50mm mesh. They are fully galvanised and are of a mitred frame construction. With a simple bolt together assembly, they are easy to install; all bolts, nuts and washers are supplied along with a instruction guide.

Each panel has two, 50mm feet, so that cleaning of the run can be done easily. The doors of the runs have been manufactured so that they can facilitate a padlock.

The individual panels that make up the runs have been designed so that they are universal, so that any type or size of run can be created; including being able to split 1 run into 2 ( to keep dogs apart ).

Please feel free to contact us, using the above form on the sizes avaliable or with your requirements. Delivery of the runs can also be arranged, please contact us for more information.

Below are just a few examples from our range:

Dog Run - Small

1.32m(W) x 2.5m(L) x 1.85m(H)

Consists of 1 door and 5 panels.

Dog Run - Medium

2.5m(W) x 2.5m(L) x 1.85m(H)

Consists of 1 door and 7 panels

Dog Run - Double Run

2.5m(W) x 3.83(L) x 1.85m(H)

Consists of 2 doors and 11 panels, therefore 2 separate runs are created

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